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Say Goodbye to King-Sized: Your Snickers Is Getting Smaller


Hear ye! Hear ye! The king of the candy bar castle is going on a diet.


You know those giant 537-calorie king-size Snickers that you sometimes “accidentally” pick up while waiting in line at the grocery store? They’re just too big for their britches, it seems, and will be slimming down to a new 250-calorie limit.


And it’s not only Snickers. According to NPR, candy maker Mars is shrinking it’s entire line of king-sized treats, such as 3 Musketeers, Milky Way and, of course, Mars bars. Feel the need to stock up on behemoth bars while you still can? You better act fast. Mars plans to impose a strict 250-calorie limit on all its chocolate bars by the end of 2013. That means even a regular ol’ Snickers bar is due to get a 30-calorie slim-down: A 2-ounce candy bar tips the scales at 280 calories right now.


A spokesperson for Mars tells NPR that the company will be replacing king-sized bars with bags that contain two or four smaller candy bars to “enable sharing or saving a portion for later.”


Ok, so does all that really mean is that you’ll just have to unwrap two to four packages, instead of just one? At least you’ll burn a couple of calories ripping into those babies.


Mars says it’s trying to lead the industry in enabling consumers to partake in “responsible snacking.”



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5 Responses to “Say Goodbye to King-Sized: Your Snickers Is Getting Smaller”

  • Deb says:

    I like the idea of going smaller. Here in the US everything has to be supersized. We really need to get back to normal sized portions. And if you need a bigger portion, buy more.

  • jennifer says:

    I don’t think the bars will be bite sized. I think they’re just not making the king sized. There is an original size, I don’t know how many calories, but I bet they keep that one on the shelf. I bet they market a two for one deal on the package though, for example: buy one for $1.29 or buy two for $2.00. I can’r imagine someone eating a king sized bar in one sitting! That’s a lot of sweet! I’d rather have a slice of cake!

  • Marge Dabrowski says:

    Regardless of this so-called healthier attitude by Mars and making candy bars smaller, I believe it is merely a ploy to make smaller bars and not change the price, so they make more money. That’s their bottom line, not their caring about our health.

  • Diana says:

    The smaller bars just don’t taste the same to me. And the bite-size are even worse! So tired of the food police…next thing will be that you have to step on a scale to see if you’re “allowed” to buy one.
    And it remains to be seen if the adjust the price of the regular sized bar upward!

  • Joyce says:

    If they change their chocolate like Hershey did they won’t have to worry about people buying the new size bars…they won’t taste as good so why bother to buy?

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