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Table Salt vs. Fancy Sea Salt: There’s Little Difference, Study Says

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Any cook worth her—well, salt—knows gourmet sea salt is the way to go when seasoning your food, right?


Sorry, but a new study is shaking up that line of thinking, the New York Daily News reports, with researchers finding plain old run-of-the-mill rock salt is pretty much the exact same thing as the sea salt that can be nearly twenty times as expensive.


Yes, over at the Consensus Action on Salt and Health, a British group devoted to studying salt as it relates to health, both types of salt boast 100-percent sodium chloride as main ingredients, according to the newspaper.


Whatever, some still say. In fact, the Daily News reports a third of more than 1,350 folks polled said they supposed sea salt was healthier, and, naturally, salt suppliers are peppering in their own praises of the gourmet variety.


“Table salt is a highly refined, processed white substance that’s devoid of nutrients,” Romi Alexander of So Natural, supplier of Himalayan Crystal Salt, tells the BBC.


Of course, others make the debate of whether to table salt or sea salt really easy—just avoid salt in all forms.


“The most important message is that you don’t need to add a chemical [sodium chloride] to your food,” professor Graham MacGregor of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine tells the Daily News. “There’s quite enough already present in fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.”


Getting rid of our favorite flavor-enhancer all together? Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds.


Whether you love plain old table salt or fancy sea salt, put it to work in these deliciously salty recipes:


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