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3 Things to Make With…Canned Salmon

canned salmon recipesWe all know salmon is good for you (not to mention delicious), but it can be expensive to incorporate the often pricey fish into your regular routine. That’s where canned salmon comes in. Rich in hearth-healthy omega-3 and (surprisingly) calcium, it can be just as healthy as the salmon sold in fillets and steaks, and used in a variety of ways.


Most of us have at least a few cans of tuna on hand in our pantries, but with recipes as good as these, why not make some room for canned salmon, too?







1. Salmon Shortcakes

(pictured, above)

Salmon patties really should be added to the list of popular comfort foods. Tender, warm and flaky, they make for a light but satisfying meal, topped with dollops of easy-to-make herbed mayonnaise.




2. Salmon-Pasta Salad

canned salmon recipes

Pasta, salmon and salad greens — this Salmon-Pasta Salad is big enough to make a good, cool summer dinner, and it’s also perfect to chill and take to work.




3. Salmon Salad Sandwiches

canned salmon recipe

As easy to make as tuna salad, this salmon salad is ripe for all sorts of tasty variations. Try adding some capers to the mix, for example, or diced olives. Topping your sandwich with crisp veggies and tomato makes it extra healthy — and extra delicious.




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