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3 Things to Make With…Rump Roast

rump roast recipesLet’s face it, even by its own name, rump roast doesn’t exactly set your taste buds a-twittering. To our mind it inevitably recalls Sunday pot roast at grandma’s house — delicious, true, but decidedly old-fashioned and not exactly in tune with the hectic pace of our busy lives.


And the reality is: rump roast is not your most prized cut of beef, by a long shot. That’s why it tends to be cheap. It pretty much comes from exactly where its name implies, meaning it’s a muscle that gets worked a lot, making it potentially tough. A full roast needs long, slow cooking to reach it’s true potential.


So why, oh why, you’re asking, would we spend any time promoting it, especially in the middle of summer? Well, not only can’t you beat the price (less than $2 per pound at our local stores), but you can make a tremendously satisfying dinner out of rump roast in all variety of ways that don’t involve hours in a hot oven. You can cut your roast up and make grilled kabobs; you can grill the whole roast outside; and you can let it simmer long and easy in your slow cooker.


We can’t do anything about the name, but we can give you three reasons to get excited about rump roast …




1. Beef Kabobs

(pictured, above)

Cutting your roast into cubes significantly cuts down on cooking time. Steep your beef overnight in this wonderfully flavored marinade, then thread it onto skewers with peppers and onion for kabobs that are tastier and fresher than the expensive pre-made ones at the grocery store.




2. Grilled Rump Roast with Curried Mustard

rump roast recipes

A great recipe for the weekend, here your roast cooks long and slow on the grill. The mustard sauce is fabulous, and if you’re lucky (or think to buy a bigger roast), you’ll have delicious leftovers for sandwiches during the week.




3. French Dips with Mushrooms

rump roast recipes

Speaking of sandwiches, here the rump roast simmers with meaty portobello mushrooms in your slow-cooker. Set on low heat, you can toss everything in the pot before work, and come home to an easy dinner for the whole family.




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