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Rice: Leftover Logic

Rice Pilaf with Orange Zest and FennelWhen you have leftover rice, you have another great meal in the making. You’re already halfway to creating a casserole, a tasty soup, or a light salad.


If you have just a little bit of rice, add it to tomato soup you’re serving the kids, or mix it with some cooked chicken and broccoli, sprinkle it with a little cheese, and microwave it for a chicken-divan-like lunch treat.


You can add it to your meatloaf to give it more substance (as in this Black Curried Rice Meatloaf, which calls for long-grain brown rice). Or you could make a stuffed side dish, such as these Mushroom-and-Nut-Stuffed Onions (which only require a half-cup of cooked rice).


And if you’re lucky enough to have a cup or two of leftover rice, these recipes will do you proud.







Chicken Alfredo and Rice CasseroleChicken Alfredo and Rice Casserole: An easy casserole that combines your rice with chicken, peas, roasted red sweet pepper, and slivered almonds. Plus, using a jar of store-bought alfredo sauce gets this meal on the table with only 25 minutes of prep time.










Fried RiceFive-Treasure Fried Rice: Why get Chinese takeout when you already have rice? Add carrots, broccoli, edamame, corn, scallions, and some bacon, along with two large eggs and spices to create a fried rice that’s delicious and with far less fat than the more expensive takeout version.










Avgolemono Chicken Soup with RiceAvogolemono Chicken Soup with Rice: This classic Greek soup is as bright and sunny as Greece itself, with lemon and egg yolks. You’ll need two cups of leftover rice to make a pot of this heartwarming soup.







Rice Salad with Salsa and Black BeansSalsa, Black Bean, and Rice Salad: Tuck this fresh and spicy mixture into a lettuce leaf and sprinkle it with pepper-spiked cheese for a salad that satisfies. The bright taste of cilantro and the earthiness of black beans and corn are a classic complement for white rice.






Find dinner solutions with our rice recipes!



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