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Restaurant Tries to “Feminize” the Steak Experience



Somehow when we think of the old-fashioned steakhouse, we still think of a bunch of middle-aged guys in suits swapping dirty jokes as they knock back another Scotch and slice into their T-bones.


Apparently we’re not alone — women aren’t exactly busting down the doors of these traditionally male-dominated establishments. But the execs at Ruth’s Chris Steak House are trying to change that.


The national chain is looking to bring a younger generation of female customers to its restaurants by joining forces with Marie Claire magazine (through advertising and co-hosting networking/cocktail events) and by sprucing up its cocktail menu with more female-friendly drinks and small plates for sharing (think seared ahi tuna, calamari, crabtinis and veal osso buco ravioli), according to The New York Times.


“It’s really around building awareness of the brand and driving awareness to the brand,” Ruth Chris’s Cheryl J. Henry tells the newspaper.


We’ll admit, the thought of a pomegranate martini or strawberry basil gimlets before slicing into a nice filet mignon does have us feeling an awareness of hunger.


And then there’s Ruth Chris’s history. According to The Times, the Chris Steak House was founded by Ruth Fertel in New Orleans back in 1965, when she mortgaged her house to buy the biz and hired working moms, like herself, as employees.


All we can say is, you go, grill – we mean, girl.




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