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25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Reindeer Gingerbread Cremes

Reindeer Gingerbread Cremes: 25 Days of Christmas CookiesA plate of Reindeer Gingerbread Creme cookies, left near the fireplace on Christmas eve, is perhaps the best way to ensure Santa’s arrival at your house. Santa’s affection for reindeer is well-documented, but more to the point, he could never pass up this spicy, sweet gingerbread (click here for other Christmas Gingerbread recipes) — the perfect way to pay homage to his favorite helpers.


And Santa won’t be the only one indulging in the tasty Christmas treats. A delicious combination of gingerbread and creamy frosting, these reindeer cookies are sure to be a holiday favorite for your whole family.


They’re also just as much fun to make as they are to eat: Kids will love helping you cut out the reindeer shapes and decorating them with frosting. Why not host a family-friendly holiday party where everyone can help assemble their own cookie version of their favorite reindeer? (We can guess that there will be more than a few Rudolphs!)


Whether you do bake these Reindeer Gingerbread Cremes alone or with help, be sure to make plenty. You’ll want some for yourself in addition to the cookies you offer Santa. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the reindeers themselves on Christmas eve! Next to Santa’s cookies and milk, be sure to leave a carrot or two for the hardworking beasts!




Make these Reindeer Gingerbread Cremes!



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