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Italian Red Sauce Recipes: Leftover Logic

Red Sauce Recipes: Leftover LogicGreat Italian food means pasta, and every great plate of pasta starts with a delicious red sauce (well, not every dish, but you know what we mean!). Once you’ve got the sauce, you’ve got the meal — for a couple nights running. The one we’ve got here is quick — yes, done in just 10 minutes! (Click here for the recipe.)


The best thing about whipping up this 10-Minute Red Sauce is that you won’t have to cut corners on a nutritious staple for all kinds of other recipes. And you can go crazy with pasta shapes, but here’s a hint for matching sauce with pasta: The smoother the sauce, the better you’ll be with a thin pasta, like spaghetti or linguine; once your sauce has little chunks of meat, vegetables, or whatever to deal with, you’ll want them to have some cracks and crevices in which to hide. In the latter case, go for something “groovy,” like penne or rotini. A tubular shape, like rigatoni, works especially well for a sauce with bigger chunks, giving them a space to crawl inside.


You’ll love making up a big batch of red sauce (check your garden for any herbs still lingering around), especially when you realize how many easy Italian dinners you’ll get out of it. Buon appetito!




10-Minute Tomato Sauce

Red Sauce Recipes: Leftover Logic

This is the basis for all the great pasta dishes to follow! Make it in 10 minutes; use the sauce all week long.




Baked Cavatelli

Red Sauce Recipe: Leftover Logic

You’ll love this easy baked pasta dish. Just use your own homemade sauce instead of a jar.




Skillet Four-Cheese “Baked” Pasta

Red Sauce Recipes: Leftover Logic

Here’s a winning recipe that takes only 30 minutes to make in an ovenproof skillet.




Pasta with Eggplant-Tomato Sauce

Red Sauce Recipes: Leftover Logic

Instead of a can of tomato sauce, use your own homemade version in this healthy dish with eggplant.




You can’t have enough recipes for quick-and-easy pasta dishes!







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    Can you please send me some recipes. I’m just learning how to cook and I want my first meal in my new apartment to be nice.

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