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Best Raspberry Recipes: Farmers Market Faves

Oh, my dear darling raspberries — the best fruit in the history of the universe, and I don’t want any arguments. Raspberries are best. I’m not one of those people who refuse to eat fruit out of season; you can actually get decent fresh raspberries year-round, and frozen raspberries are exceptionally useful. But the fresh ones you can get in August are the best of the best.


Some people find raspberry seeds problematic, though the seeds are easily strained out if you don’t want them. Well, not easily, but it’s doable. The only raspberry problem I have is with cooked ones: they still taste good, but they’re flabby and shapeless and wet. Use thawed frozen raspberries if you must have a raspberry pie. Don’t puree fresh raspberries, either; thawed frozen raspberries actually make a better (and less expensive) puree. When you’re lucky enough to get fresh raspberries in season, let them shine like the jewels they are.




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