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3 Things to Make With…Ramen Noodles

ramen noodle recipesSome things just don’t seem acceptable after you’ve left college: using mom and dad’s house as a laundromat … upholstered couches as patio furniture … ramen noodles.


It was probably a good five years after graduation before we could even look at a package of ramen noodles again. But if the last time you tore open a pack and watched in a stupor as that weird, squiggly brick softened into strands of tender noodles in a pot of boiling water was when you were cramming for your Econ 2 final, then you might be surprised just how grown up ramen noodles can be.


The key, of course (as all three recipes here will discretely tell you) is to throw that seasoning packet away. It may have made for a (semi-) palatable dinner when you were younger, but only because it replaces all pretense towards wholesomeness with a knockout punch of salt.


On their own—hey, the noodles are pretty tasty. They make an excellent addition to all sorts of Asian-inspired dinners. And if what you liked about ramen noodles back in the day was not only that they were cheap but quick, too, then these recipes don’t disappoint. No, you won’t have your soup in five minutes or less, but in about half an hour, you’ll have a full-fledged meal that won’t leave you with the munchies later.



1. Oriental Chicken Salad

(pictured, above)

Here, you don’t even have to boil the ramen; the uncooked noodles add a delicious crunch. This salad makes a great dinner when you’re in the mood for something healthy and light, and if you pack the dressing on the side, it’s great to take to work for lunch, too.




2. Asian Beef and Noodle Bowl

ramen noodles

The classic Asian noodle bowl is, perhaps, the absolute epitome of the warm, comforting one-dish meal. Here, beef is stir-fried with ginger and garlic and combined with healthy carrots and spinach. Who knew your ramen could taste so … fresh?




3. Confetti Chicken Big Bowl

ramen noodle recipes

Another hearty noodle bowl here, this one with chicken and chock full of even more good-for-you veggies, from broccoli to snow peas to sweet red pepper (hence, the “confetti”). With coconut milk, basil, cilantro and a little lime, the flavor here hails more from Southeast Asia. If you like Thai food, you’ve got to try this one!




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