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Veggie-Stuffed Quesadillas: 30-Minute Meal

30-Minute MealFilling, fun, and easy to make, these veggie-stuffed quesadillas are—what else?—good for you. But it’s summer, so let’s worry too much about low calories as much as precious time. And these clock in at only 25 minutes, which means more time to outside while the great weather lasts.


Want more good news? These quesadillas serve 10, so you can invite the neighbors (but ask them to bring the chips and guacamole, unless you’re feeling especially generous). We like to put out some bowls of salsa and sour cream, and maybe a few other things to nibble on, just in case nobody can live with the idea of so much low-cal dining. There are plenty of other ways to dress up this dish, too, from laying on a few fancy dips and crudites to ending the meal with one or two no-bake desserts to But perhaps we don’t want to turn a beautiful idea—veggie-stuffed quesadillas in under 30 minutes for a small army of 10—into a major dinnertime project. It’s up to you.


One thing’s for sure. Once you taste these Mexican treats, you want to make them again and again. Even if you had to spend, well, 35 minutes on them. They’re that good.




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