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Punch it Up—Best of the Blogs

Punch Recipes

The Bitten Word

Heat got you down? No worries. We’ve cruised the best blogs and found that most of our favorites have recipes for cooling summer drinks—some with alcohol, some without.


These summer punches will go great with your summer grilling plans, especially if you’re throwing a big outdoor party. But you might want to whip up a batch of these summer coolers just for yourself and the family.


What we really like is how much these drinks make use of all the fresh summer fruit that’s available now. Summer just wouldn’t be summer without refreshing beverages brimming in glasses piled high with ice. Oh, and speaking of ice, we threw in a great recipe for tea, a Southern classic that here is made with an apple-ginger twist.


Let’s give a warm reception to the cooling power of punch!







Here’s a beauty of a summer quencher: Blackberry Limeade from 101 Cookbooks. Use ginger ale as a mixer, or, if you want the drink to be less sweet, try club soda. And load up on the freshest blueberries you can find.

Punch Recipes

101 Cookbooks




What would summer be without the classic wine punch from Spain? We love this cooling Sangria recipe from One Perfect Bite—with a little Cognac and a lot of ruby red Spanish Rioja.

Punch Recipes

One Perfect Bite




We promised you drinks with fresh fruit, and — hey — we don’t think there could possibly be too many using blackberries at this time of the year. So here’s a Blackberry Gin Fizz from Smitten Kitchen you’re sure to love.

Punch Recipes

Smitten Kitchen




Hmm, Peppery Punch sounds kind of intriguing. And this drink, from The Bitten Word, delivers with gin, champagne, and — of course —ground pepper. Lemon, strawberries, and orange juice sweeten things up a bit.

Punch Recipes

The Bitten Word




It just doesn’t get more cool and summery than this! Sparkling Watermelon Limeade from Good Life Eats is as easy to make as it is refreshing, and we love that it uses nutritious, and sometimes unappreciated, watermelon.

Punch Recipes

Good Life Eats




Normally we might not think of Steamy Kitchen as a blog to turn to for summer drinks. But there’s no heat for miles around with this Apple Ginger Mint Ice Tea, one of the prettiest drinks we’ve seen.

Punch Recipes

Steamy Kitchen




Maybe we just like the name of this blog — Interesting Drinks for the Interesting Drinker — but we know for sure we love this cooling Raspberry Margarita. Cheers, and all that!

Punch Recipes

Interesting Drinks for the Interesting Drinker




Here’s to your health! A Beginner Green Tea Green Smoothie Recipe — from Jeanette’s Healthy Living and full of spinach, bananas, and grapes — means your summer will be brimming with vitamins and energy.

Punch Recipes

Jeanette's Healthy Living





Be cool this summer with these terrific fruit drink recipes!






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