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3 Things to Make With…Canned Pumpkin

pumpkin recipesOk, we’ll admit — it’s not like there’s a shortage of things to make with canned pumpkin. You’ve got your pumpkin breads, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin muffins and, of course, pumpkin pie. We’re not turning any of it down, but let’s face it: how many pumpkin pies are you going to make this year?


And yet … there are cans and cans and cans of pumpkin at the store right now just waiting for someone (like you) to snap them up on sale. Despite pumpkin’s association with all manner of sweet and buttery baked goods, canned pumpkin is actually quite good for you, packed with a bunch of vitamins and nutrients, like beta-carotene, fiber and iron.


So when you’re stuffed so full of pumpkin cheesecake this season that you can’t even look at another piece, toss your canned pumpkin into one of these delicious recipes…




1. Pumpkin Pancakes

(pictured, above)

No one has to know that these moist, flavorful pumpkin pancakes are actually good for you.




2. Pumpkin-Bean Soup

pumpkin recipes

All the main ingredients here are canned; the soup takes just 15 minutes to make … and yet, it tastes surprisingly sophisticated. It’s just as perfect as a starter for a fancy dinner as it is a workaday lunch.




3. Carrot-Pumpkin Bars

pumpkin recipes

Here’s a pumpkin dessert that’s so healthy, you don’t have to feel guilty grabbing one of these carrot-pumpkin bars for breakfast on your way out the door.




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