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Prosciutto, Spinach, and Pasta Casserole: Dinner for $10

Prosciutto, Spinach, and Pasta CasseroleA little bit creamy, a little bit tangy, a whole lot delicious, this Prosciutto, Spinach, and Pasta Casserole is an inexpensive and simple-to-prepare one-dish wonder. Combining chicken broth, flour, butter, and (later) Parmesan cheese, creates a rich sauce that’s given an herbal edge with a half-teaspoon of anise seed.

When the fabulous dry-cured prosciutto (also known as Parma ham) is added, that creamy dish has its salty balance. Spinach (you can use either fresh or frozen) offers a brilliant touch of green, as well as plenty of vitamins and iron. And what would an Italian pasta dish be without a few tomatoes?



You can serve six people at $1.25 per serving. That’ll leave you a bit of extra money to whip up a batch of gelato for dessert.


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