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Potatoes: Smart Storage

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It’s amazing to note that, like the tomato, the humble potato is cooked in almost every cuisine around the world.


Our ubiquitous and versatile tuber (a New World native) can be boiled, steamed, mashed, baked, fried, roasted — and, of course, made into chips. Potatoes come in brown, purple, red, pink, yellow and white, and range in size from lovely little fingerlings to honking huge russets.


No matter their color or size, potatoes like to be kept in the dark. Hide them away from the light in a crock or bin that isn’t tightly sealed. They benefit from good circulation and a bit of moisture in the air. But they don’t like to be cold. Their starches get sugary when refrigerated, so moderately cool room temperatures are preferred.


If your potatoes are in a warmish kitchen for more than week or so, they may start to sprout. Cut these out, and if the potato is still firm, peel and use it as you will. A slight bit of green is okay, too, if it can be pared away. Too much green though, and it can make one ill, so throw that potato away.


Here’s a quick tip for thickening a soup in a healthy way: dice a potato and simmer it with some onions in broth until tender, then purée in the blender until smooth for a creamy soup with no cream. A touch of curry powder makes this special.




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