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Potato Chips for Dinner: Leftover Logic

Potato CrispsSo you had the gang over for chips and dips and maybe a beer or two. And now you have a bunch of half-empty potato chip bags sitting around. What’s the problem? Depends on who you ask. For some of us, that potato chip bag is like a siren that constantly sings to us from the kitchen. It won’t rest until every last chip has been consumed.


Plus, chips get stale pretty quickly. So why not make them play a part in another dish—one that doesn’t involve sour cream and onions!


Crushed chips make terrific crunchy toppings for casseroles, and kind of make eating vegetables more fun. If you’re doing a green-bean casserole or one made with broccoli or cauliflower, the chips add a salty, textured note.


Here’s a casserole that brings some of our favorite things together, and has a potato-chip topping: Corn with Bacon Casserole.


And for all you lovers of chocolate-covered  pretzels and other sweet-salty treats, these Potato Chip Cookies are right up your alley. Sugar cookies crowned with crushed chips… what kid could resist those?


If you get inspired by how great potato chips taste with your main dishes, you may also be inspired to make your own chips from scratch. (Try this recipe for Potato Crisps!)




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