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Pork: Leftover Logic

Pork and Pear SaladWhether you have a slow-cooked pork loin or a few leftover grilled pork chops, you have the makings for some pretty tasty sandwiches, salads, soups, and main dishes. Pork is such a versatile meat, and its typically mild flavor especially lends itself to keeping some mighty spicy company: think Mexican stews and Asian stir-frys.


That very same mild flavor also creates a mellow salad of greens and fruit, particularly pears and apples. So before you think about reheating the chops or the tenderloin you had last night, try one of these recipes, and you ‘ll look forward to the leftovers as much as you did the original meal.


Take this Sautéed Pork and Pear Salad (pictured at left).  Hazelnuts or almonds add crunch to this greens-and-fruit combo that uses pork tenderloin or top loin (simply put your cooked pork into the skillet in step one and begin with the addition of the nuts). A honey-mustard dressing pulls the whole ensemble together.





Pork PozolePork Pozole: Your leftover pork loin will let you skip an entire step of this recipe for the Mexican classic of hominy, tomatoes, and onion, spiced with chipotle peppers and cumin. It’s technically a soup, but it’s so hearty you can make it a main-dish stew.














Pork and PeppersPork and Peppers: Sweet peppers, parsley, garlic, onion, and tomatoes simmer gently with chopped pork to create a super-easy stew that’s delicious served over egg noodles or rice. For this recipe, you save time with pre-cooked pork.









Pork Salad SandwichesPork Salad Sandwiches: Cooked pork is mixed with celery, onion, and sweet pepper then piled on a roll with a citrusy cole slaw dressed with mayo, mustard, orange peel, emon or lime peel, sugar, and a spice blend. Add some orange slices for fresh flavor.












Pork-fried RiceChinese Pork-Fried Rice:  Dice your leftover broiled pork chops and put the meat together with onion, red pepper, egg, scallions, and peas for a favorite takeout treat made in your own kitchen.












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