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Easy Chinese Pork Fried Rice: Make the Takeout

Chinese Pork Fried Rice: Make the TakeoutIt always sounds easy — Chinese Pork Fried Rice — but, unless you’ve tried to make it yourself, that authentic taste and quality seem hard to match. (Maybe that’s why you order out so many times but have never actually tried to make this dish yourself.)


Well, it’s safe to go back to the wok, now, because nothing could be easier — or more fun to make — than this delicious, authentic recipe for Chinese Pork Fried Rice.


And don’t let the “fried” part scare you. Our dish is done lightly, with a gentle sautée of the vegetables. The pork is healthy lean cuts from boneless chops; the chicken stock — even the soy sauce — is all “reduced-sodium.”


But there are still so many perfect Chinese touches to this dish, like oyster sauce and ginger, scallions and tangy sesame sauce at the end to add a bright spark of flavor and heat. This is real Chinese cuisine!


So toast the Year of the Snake, which begins Feb. 10. And know that you’ll be cooking authentic Chinese Pork Fried Rice for this Chinese New Year celebration!




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