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Pop-Up Pizza Casserole: Dinner for $10

easy casserole recipeRemember when you were a kid, you could take a story you’d heard a hundred times, but if it was in a pop-up book — bam! It was magical all over again.


Well, there’s something of that same magic going on here with this it-couldn’t-be-more-family-friendly casserole. It’s a pop-up casserole! And while we don’t know whether the whole “pop-up” thing would work on, say, broccoli, we’re talking pizza here.


And for such a payoff, it’s pretty easy to make: you’ve got a sauteed mix of ground beef, onion, pepper and seasoning. Pour that into your casserole dish, top with cheese (yeah, plenty of cheese) then an equally easy-to-make “crust” topping. Crown that with pepperoni (if you like), then pop it in the oven. Ding! Out comes a hearty nine servings at just 85 cents per serving!


And they all ate happily ever after.


Make this Pop-Up Pizza Casserole!



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