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Get Ready for Pizza … from a Vending Machine!

pizza vending machine

A1 Concepts

When you need lunch fast — like really fast — sometimes the office vending machine is your only option. But what if, instead of a tiny bag of chips and a candy bar, you could have piping hot pizza with a touch of a button.


Behold, the Let’s Pizza vending machine.


The machine is the brainchild Netherlands-based A1 Concepts, and it’s already a hit in Europe, reports the industry website PizzaMarketplace.com. Soon it’ll be available stateside as well, serving up “pizzas from scratch in 2.5 minutes.”


And you thought Domino’s was fast.


“The machine contains a specially developed bag of flour and a bag of mineral water,” says Ronald Rammers, CEO of A1 Concepts. “Every time you order a pizza, the machine will start making the dough, then shape it into a crust and top it with organic tomato sauce. Next, one of the toppings is placed on top, and the pizza is ready for the oven.” Each pizza vending machine can hold enough ingredients to make 200 pies, Rammers adds, with all types of toppings, including meat, fish and veggies (it even offers kosher pizza options).


And, at just $5.95 for a 10.5-inch pizza, it sounds like a bargain, too.


So where might you find these seemingly magic pizza dispensers that allow you to forgo the hassle of tipping the delivery guy? Just about everywhere, if A1 Concepts has its way.


“You will find Let’s Pizza at malls, airports, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, universities, gas stations, bus stations, etc.,” Rammers tells the website.


Wait. Pizza vending machines in restaurants? Wow. That’s catering to the really, really busy crowd, huh?




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