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World’s First Pizza Museum to Open in Philly

pizza museum


There’s a museum for funeral carriages in Barcelona and one for sewers in Paris. You can even check out a museum for dog collars in England.


Seriously, if those museums can attract fans, a museum dedicated to the cheesy deliciousness that is pizza should have visitors lined around the block.


Oh, and did we mention it’s a restaurant, too?


Pizza Brain is set to open in Philadelphia next month, reports NPR, where fans will be able to nosh on “artisan” pies while perusing countless pizza items collected over the years by founder Brian Dwyer, who holds the Guinness record for biggest pizza memorabilia collection. (Yep, that’s a thing.)


Think pizza-themed toys, doo-dads, records, books, posters, even a “troll doll in an ‘I Love Pizza’ apron, and a human face made of rubber, trapped inside a pepperoni pizza.” (Seems worth the price of admission.)


“Everybody’s excited about having somebody who’s so passionate about having pizza in the neighborhood here [because] pizza’s important,” Dwyer’s pal Joe Sulimay tells NPR. “I eat pizza every week, and it’s important to me.”


We’re with you, Joe. Even if, as NPR points out, Philly is more of a cheesesteak town.


“We want this place to feel like [an] interactive art installation,” Dwyer says. “Instead of just putting it all in a bunch of cases that are very linear and sterile, where you just kind of stare at it and say ‘There’s a thing’ and walk away, this is like, ‘Oh! What’s this little thing? … There’s a pizza face!’”


Heck, Dwyer could even count as a museum piece himself. His tattoo, according to NPR: a picture of himself holding up a piece of pizza with the words “Totally Saucesome.”


We know, that’s extra cheesy. Just how we like it.




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