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Pizza Hut Debuts Its “Craziest” Pizza Yet (in the U.S.)

pizza hut

Pizza Hut

Just in time for the big Final Four games this weekend, Pizza Hut is rolling out a whopper of a new pizza. Are you ready for this?


The fast-food chain’s “Crazy Cheesy Crust” pizza certainly seems to live up to its name. It comes with two bulbous crust bowls at the end of each slice, filled with — you guessed it — more cheese! (Five cheeses to be exact: a gooey combo of Asiago, fontina, mozzarella, provolone and Romano.)


Thus the slices sort of look like hearts … awww! Of course, then you realize that, with 20 grams of fat in a single slice of pepperoni, your actual ticker isn’t likely to fall in love with this pie anytime soon.


Pizza Hut is no stranger to crazy, over-the-top crusts (it seems after they pretty much threw everything on the pizza itself that anyone would want as a topping, they had to move to the perimeter). Of course, the gangbuster success of Pizza Hut’s stuffed-crust pizza in 1995 as a limited-time offer quickly turned it into a regular on the menu. And as CBS News points out, Pizza Hut crusts can be even wilder overseas.


In Japan and Thailand, the chain offers crusts stuffed with hot dogs, while in the Middle East, Pizza Hut introduced its “Crown Crust” pizza last year — a pie ringed with mini cheeseburgers.


If that sounds like an American fast-food chain basically mashing up all things American for a foreign crowd, well, basically that’s what it is.


CBS News reports: “Doug Terfehr, a spokesman for Pizza Hut, noted that the cheeseburger and hot dog crusts worked overseas because people often group together those foods and pizza as being American, so combining them makes sense.” (Well, sorta …)


Pizza Hut’s latest “crazy” offering in the states apparently took about a year to perfect. It started out with four mini crust bowls per slice instead of two, according to CBS, but that prototype proved unwieldy for individual restaurants to make.


At 390 calories with the aforementioned 20 grams of fat per slice (for just pepperoni), downing a couple slices of Crazy Cheesy Crust is about the equivalent of eating two McDonald’s double cheeseburgers.


But of course, if you’re liable to go “crazy,” then you’re probably not counting calories.




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