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Pizza + Beer = Pizza Beer (Yes, It’s Beer that Tastes Like Pizza)

mamma mia pizza beer

Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer

Love pizza and beer but fret about the impact of all those crazy calories? What if you could mix the two together? Behold, pizza beer.


Yes, as Today reports, there is such a thing as Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, an ale brewed with oregano, basil, tomatoes and garlic, according to its label.


Beer blogger Jim Galligan reportedly says the amber beer smells like pizza.


Well, thank goodness. It’d be pretty embarrassing if it smelled like cupcakes, now wouldn’t it? But the real question is whether the stuff is any good?


“The first sip greeted my palate with a hint of sweet malts, followed by the rich warmth of the tomatoes and herbal notes of the pizza spices,” Galligan writes for Today. “The finish turned sweet once more, with a gentle hop bitterness on the back end that quickly faded away, leaving me ready for another sip.”


The beer is available online (what isn’t?) and can be found in stores in Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, California and Wisconsin.


“This is not a ‘pizza-flavored’ beer,” Mamma Mia co-creator Tom Seefurth tells Today. “It is a beer designed for pairing and to be used as an ingredient, something no one else has done — therefore, we declared our beer ‘culinary beer.’”


And with it being National Pizza Month and all, we couldn’t be more excited to drink our dinner. Sorry, that was extra cheesy, wasn’t it?




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