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Quick and Easy Beef Pizza: 30-Minute Meal

Quick-and-Easy Beef Pizza Recipe: 30-Minute MealA pizza on a busy weeknight that’s guaranteed to please? Guaranteed to please everybody, that is, including you, because it can put it together in a clock-breaking 28 minutes? Don’t say “impossible,” because this quick and easy beef pizza is, hey, possible — and very delicious.


Here’s the secret: An Italian bread shell that’s just waiting to be unfolded and piled high with strips of beef, Swiss cheese, cherry tomatoes, and green peppers. It’s a meal in itself, but in the time you save, go ahead and whip up a green salad on the side. Not necessary, but why not?


So many of the pies available from the takeout places down the street are just not as good for you as this quick and easy beef pizza. You know the toppings are healthy on your own pizza, because you pick out the green peppers yourself. You can even buy the kind of cheese you want, including the final topping of Parmesan. (Make it really an Italian night by splurging on a chunk of the real stuff.)


Beef makes a great topping, but you can also play around with this recipes a lot. Maybe do chicken one night. (Or make a completely different chicken pizza!) Or add some red peppers, if you just saw some at the farmers market, and they looked especially good. Anybody want mushrooms? Why not? Toss ‘em on.


A pizza that’s ready in less than 30 minutes. Your own fresh ingredients. A real deal of a meal in an easy to clean skillet. Like all Italian food: What’s not to like?




Save time on a busy weeknight with this delicious quick and easy beef pizza!






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