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Peppermint-Flavored Pringles? Bah Humbug!

Peppermint: Food NewsNow, it’s only natural that each October we start to crave pumpkin. Come November, we’re itching for eggnog. And, by the time Dec. 1 rolls around, we best be getting our peppermint on.


But, as USA Today reports, our love for holiday flavors is getting seriously twisted with all sorts of brands hoping to cash in on the seasonal thing.


You need look no further than Pringles: Cinnamon & Sugar, Pumpkin Pie Spice, and White Chocolate Peppermint? We’re gonna say no, heck no and no way in H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks.


But, still, people are buying into it. Kate Newlin, a brand expert, says buying holiday special editions “feels urgent, as in ‘Available Now, But Not Always.’ It cements an emotional connection.” Not to mention a connection to a medicine cabinet full of Pepto.


According to USA Today, other companies getting in on the spirited holiday flavor sleigh include Red Robin (think Gingerbread Shakes — shot of bourbon optional); Burger King (Gingerbread Cookie Sundae); Baskin-Robbins (turkey-shaped ice cream cake); and Starbucks (Peppermint Mocha coffee).


Okay, those all sound fine — save for the turkey-shaped ice cream cake. But we continue to roll our eyes at Jones Soda, famous, the newspaper reports, for its Turkey and Gravy holiday soft drink introduced back in 1994. For 2012, the company is rolling out Gingerbread, Pear Tree, Candy Cane, and Sugar Plum.


“Even with flavors that people think will be disgusting, they still want to try it,” Andrew Baumann, Jones’ marketing manager says.


Only if the amount of presents we receive this year depends on it.




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