Lesley Kennedy

People Who Like Sweets Are Sweeter

chocolate truffles

Warm chocolate chip cookies, chased with hot cocoa? Yes, please. A pumpkin spice latte served with a vanilla-iced scone? Why, of course. A fresh-out-of-the oven apple pie topped with a heaving scoop of cinnamon ice cream. You didn’t think you even had to ask, now, did you? For the sweet-tooths among us, justification for our obsession has arrived:

MSNBC reports
one recent study found folks who preferred sweet foods to those that were sour, bitter, salty or spicy were more agreeable personality-wise. Our sugar craving means we’re also nicer people! And another study discovered people given a milk chocolate, as opposed to a bland cracker or no food at all, were more likely to help another person out.


We think we may have found a path to world peace: When in crisis, just add chocolate.

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