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Easy New Year’s Resolutions: Make Peace with Frozen Peas!

Frozen Peas: Real Healthy 2013Not all frozen vegetables are created equal: Peas — harvested at their flavor peak and flash frozen to protect their nutrients — are a healthy staple that often taste better than fresh (simply because peas in the pod deteriorate much faster than other vegetables). And anything frozen is always going to be easy to have on hand.


Sauté frozen peas with a little olive oil and finish them with lemon for a spring-fresh taste in the middle of winter, or toss peas with pasta and leftover ham for an easy main.


Loaded with vitamins A and C, peas are also a natural cold fighter. Got a bag of frozen corn, too? Put them together in a simple salad, great as part of a brown-bag lunch.


You’ll never have an excuse not to eat your veggies again.



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