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Paula Deen to Make First TV Appearance Since Scandal

Paula-Deen back on TV: Food NewsPaula Deen, who caused a media firestorm over the summer with a scandal that rocked the food world, is about to make a TV comeback of sorts this weekend, according the food blog Delish, when she appears in a cameo role on Home For Dinner with Jamie Deen.


Says Delish: “Jamie Tweeted to confirm that his mom would in fact be in an episode, however, it’s unclear whether or not the show, titled “Taco Fiesta,” was filmed before or after Food Network decided against renewing the celebrity chef’s contract.” (Click for taco recipes.)


As probably everybody knows, a judge recently threw out the claims of racism in the case against Paula Deen and her brother Bubba.


Meanwhile, you can read the Tweet and the rest of the details in this article from the Savannah Morning News. And stayed tuned on Sunday morning.




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73 Responses to “Paula Deen to Make First TV Appearance Since Scandal”

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  • Suzuki Saya says:

    Timely article – I learned a lot from the info . Does anyone know where my business might be able to grab a sample SEC Form 3 document to fill out ?

  • Gladys Hontz says:

    Thank You,Thank You!!!
    So happy Paula is coming back,and thank you for helping. I also am so happy I found you “!!! So happy also to see the two boys are on their shows also, and soon to see Paula a lot more. Just love to pieces!!!!

  • Marie newman says:

    Love Paula Deen! Cannot wait to see you on air again. Good things come to those who wait.

  • Diane Mecabe says:

    I love Paula Deen !!!

  • Esther Haworth says:

    I love watch TV Paula cook and very delicious recipe. I miss her cook.

  • Carol Haviland says:

    Would love to see more of Paula Deem.
    Any one remember what a Brazil nut used to be called.
    Love seeing her on her son’s program.

  • milly says:

    hey hey paula you:ved been punished enough,hey hey paula get back to cooking great stuff,,bad words have been said by you and your fans black,whites,latino and even snoop dog man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Hatchett says:

    Paula you are one of the sweetest people and me and my friends can’t wait to see what is next. You will find out that lots of people who love you and have followed you from the very start. Hold your head high and reach for the stars! We love you and your family Paula Deen!

  • Imelda Acosta says:

    Paula Deen is an extraordinary human being.I love her cooking and what she’s all about

  • Donna Finch says:

    Glad she is gtting back out and on TV. I have missed her and her show.

  • Yvonne says:

    I am glad you will allow Mrs Deen back on the food cannel.The news media treated her badly.

  • B. Barragan says:

    Come on haven’t we all made a mistake at least once. She and her family don’t deserve this. Give it up and give her back her show. I miss her.

  • Loray Ragan says:

    I saw this episode and it broke my heart to see the pain in her eyes. We’ve all made mistakes that we have to live with, but no one deserves the punishment she got. Shame on those that believe they are perfect! Judge not lest ye be judged.

  • marie patch says:

    I have tons of Paula’s reciepe’s and I love this lady. Its time to quit raking her through the mud and let her get back to what she knows best.

  • Linda McKeehan says:

    Paula is a wonderful country cook and I love to watch her as she creates delicious meals. I would love to see her do cooking shows on television once again. I’ve gotten so many great ideas from watching her and I miss seeing her on the cooking channel. She has been exonerated and the “powers that be” should give her a break. I love her cookwares and have bought many on sale at Wal Mart. Shame on you Wal Mart for removing her cookware from your shelves. I’ll just go somewhere else and buy it!

  • Ann Colley says:

    She’s been exonerated by the Judge what more do they want. I hope she makes a dynamite comeback.
    BTW, what happened to all her cookware that was pulled off the shelves?

  • P. Burt says:

    She apoligized. Isn’t that enough?

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