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Quick & Easy Pasta in a Bowl: 30-Minute Meal

Quick Pasta Dinner: 30-Minute MealWhen a quick and easy pasta recipe has only six ingredients, we’re impressed. Yes, that sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship on a busy weeknight.


But there’s another hurdle to cross: the dish has to taste great, too. All systems are go, then, with this Quick Pasta Dinner (click here for the recipe), which kind of reminds us of an Italian version of an all-in-one Japanese noodle bowl.


This is a self-contained little recipe — with satisfying and filling wide egg noodles as the main ingredient — that might be the perfect bowl of comfort food on a cold winter’s night, a kind of healthier version of mac and cheese (although, hey, we love that, too) Cubes of ham, frozen peas, some mushrooms, and a bit of ranch dressing round out the dish, kicking up the flavor, too, not to mention the stick-to-the-ribs quotient.


We like to make the Quick Pasta Dinner in one big bowl and then dish it out individually into smaller ones, just to make things a little fancier and more personal. You can probably imagine passing out bowls to family members, who (you included) might want to watch a favorite movie on TV without a lot of trays or messy spillover from regular plates. You might even think of how nice this dish would show at a small gathering of intimate friends.


And in case you missed the major point, our Quick Pasta Dinner involves very little cooking — boiling noodles, that’s it! As easy as — well — boiling water.




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