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Super Quick Pepperoni Pasta Recipe: 30-Minute Meal

Quick Pepperoni Pasta: 30-Minute MealEverybody loves Italian past dishes, but we’ve found one for a Quick Pepperoni Pasta recipe that not only tastes great but comes together faster than you can say buon apetito. Well, almost. It’s pretty fast.


Here’s an authentic Italian recipe that gets you in and out of the kitchen in just 30 minutes. And you just can’t beat that, especially for dish filled with sizzling, juicy pepperoni, fresh spinach (hey, this dish is healthy, too), and rich aged Parmesan cheese.


Want to turn this quick and easy pasta dish into a full meal? Just poke in some bread sticks (like in the picture), add a simple green salad, and — well, that’s it. Your 30-minute meal is on the table.


You can also play around with this dish to vary the kind of pasta you use. We like spaghetti but also something tubular, like penne, would work. Any pasta shape! The best thing is: You’ll want to make this Quick Pepperoni Pasta recipe again and again. It’s that good. It’s that easy!




Save thime with this delicious Quick Pepperoni Pasta recipe!






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