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Spring into Easy Healthy Pasta: Best of the Blogs

spring pasta sauce: best of the blogs

Elephant Eats

Spring is here (almost) and a light creamy pasta sauce that we can mix with our favorite pastas — from stands of spaghetti to tubular pieces of penne — sounds perfect for the season. And we think we’ve found the perfect one in this Light Carrot Dill Cream Sauce for Pasta recipe, from the blog Elephant Eats. (Who doesn’t like pink elephants?)


We’re feeling optimistic now that winter’s icy breath is no longer blowing at the back of our necks. Put away the slow-cooker. Keep an eye out for fresh pea, asparagus, and other healthy spring vegetables. But while you’re waiting, give this Light Carrot Dill Cream Sauce a try. We think you’ll like it and want to use it on a different pasta all the time, just to mix things up.


The sauce contains a little cream, a little garlic, some onion, and baby carrots — it is nice and light but packed with flavor. And if you’re one of those who shutters at the idea of cream at all, forget it. A little cream, and even pasta itself, is not what makes people fat. You still need flavor; you just can’t overindulge — on anything!


So get it together it the kitchen for this zippy spring recipe for Light Carrot Dill Cream Sauce for Pasta. It’s so easy to make. We know you’re going to love it, just as much as seeing that first robin hopping across the lawn.




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6 Responses to “Spring into Easy Healthy Pasta: Best of the Blogs”

  • Phil says:

    It’s an honor to hold the free chemistry globe magazine app.

  • Linda says:

    … or hire a better proofreader/editor. Otherwise, you’re dumbing down your audience. We have enough illiteracy in this country already without more help from careless professionals.

    • brooke v says:

      Nothing annoys me more than spelling errors, but there was no need to be rude about it. There is indeed too many illiterate people, but there are too many rude people too. Perhaps you should think about the comments you make before you make them!

  • Linda says:

    “And if you’re one of those who shutters at the idea of cream at all,…” That word should be “shudders”, which has an entirely different meaning than “shutters”, which refers to window embellishments. To shudder means to shake in fear or anxiety. Check your thesaurus feature before publishing next time …!

  • Thanks so much for posting my recipe!!! It actually doesn’t contain any cream at all- Just 1 % milk :)

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