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Nutty Kids Lunch: Squirrel Sandwich (in 3D!)

As you might remember from last week’s post, I adore fall: the cooler weather, colors of the leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and even the acorns that are making a mess in our backyard.  We enjoy watching the squirrels on their quest for acorns. There’s just something about that fluffy tail! Here’s a fun squirrel sandwich your little ones will go nuts for — in 3D!


What You’ll Need:
1 peanut butter sandwich
baby carrots
purple grapes
sprinkle or mini chocolate chip


To Make Squirrel Sandwich:
Make a peanut butter sandwich. Cut the top section (rounded crust) of the sandwich off for the tail. Cut one corner off of the bottom section and shape it for the head, using the corner crust for the ear. Shape the remaining portion into the squirrel’s body. “Glue” each piece together using peanut butter. (You may need to use a toothpick for reinforcements when standing the squirrel up on a plate, but it’s just as cute lying down on a plate, too!) Put the sprinkle or mini chocolate chip in place for the eye. Make the acorns: cut the ends off of the baby carrots and the grapes, and again, “glue” them together using peanut butter.




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