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11 Easy New Year’s Party Recipes

My husband and I never go out on New Year’s Eve. We never entertain, either. Instead, we concoct a huge cleaning project — the kind of thing we avoid during the rest of the year, like clearing out the crawl space on the other side of the basement wall. (What’s all that black stuff in there? It couldn’t be coal, could it?) We’re usually in bed before midnight. Knowing that in the coming year, we won’t have that crawl space on our consciences is way more fun than watching the ball drop in Times Square.


That’s really a chore for two people, though. If you dropped over, you’d only be a third wheel. But you never know. Maybe some day we will have a party. Tell you what: If we ever do decide to have a New Year’s Eve party, you’re invited. It will be all appetizers and desserts. No boring main course or salad in the middle of the meal, just the good stuff around the edges.


Here’s what we’d serve. Things like Mushroom and Bacon Triangles; Asian Chicken Spears; Mini Crab Cakes — all kinds of good things like that. Plus a Champagne Fruit Bowl. We would hit all the Four Major Party Food groups: salty, smoky, rich, crispy, and sweet. Wait, that’s five. Well, I can’t be bothered to come up with a joke about the fifth food group right now. I’m too busy with the party.


See you there (if we ever do have it). And, oh, happy New Year!




New Year's Party Appetizer & Dessert RecipesBring your party to life with these stunning (and easy) recipes for New Year’s!
















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