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Deep-Fried New Year’s Party — Good Luck!


Macy's Deep-Fried New Year's RecipesPass the Corned Beef and the Kale, the Black-Eyed Peas, the Champagne Risotto Balls and all the other New Year’s Day foods associated with good luck for a prosperous 2013. But first make sure that each and every recipe in question is deep-fried. Better do as we say or your good fortune might not hold.


Hard work? Not at all, thanks to the nifty chart from Macy’s (below) that illustrates all five of the recipes in a simple, step-by-step way that will turn out appetizers your family and guests will devour. Good luck is one thing, but we also guarantee these recipes deliver terrific taste, too.


Maybe the best recipe, though, is the one for Deep-Fried Wine with Champagne Batter. No joke. The Macy’s chart walks you through the the process of turning wine into delicious deep-friend finger food — sure to be the big hit on the buffet table at your New Year’s party.


And we promise! This is the last holiday recipe before we give you nothing else but ideas for lettuce leaves on Saltines and other diet delights. But — come on! — there’s still time to ring out 2012 with a deep-fried bang.






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