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new wine targets young women

Be. Winery Moscato

Be. Winery

Think college kids and recent grads are double-fisting beer served in red Solo cups and cheap tequila shots when it’s time to unwind? The wine industry sure hopes their palates are a little more sophisticated than that.


In a story for “Today,” Vint-ed.com blogger Edward Deitch reports wineries are going after millennials—that coveted age group of 21- to 34-year-olds—and especially its females.


Out to capture a few good drinkers is new vino line “Be.,” Deitch writes, and with prices that range from $10 to $13 a bottle, Beringer Vineyards, the company behind the label, hopes young women will be happy to spend more than a six-pack on something that’s much more enticing in description than “PBR me, ASAP.” Just picture a pink moscato called “flirty,” an un-oaked chardonnay deemed “fresh,” a pinot grigio dubbed “bright” or a Riesling characterized as “radiant.”


“’Be.’ is about inspiring millennial women to open up to the exciting world of wine without taking it too seriously,” Deitch quotes a company spokesperson as stating.


Deitch writes that he hasn’t tasted the wine—which hasn’t hit stores yet—but he notes that recent wine trend reports have shown millennials of both genders to be more apt to buy a wine they hadn’t heard of before, go to wine or wine-related websites, look for cool wine bottle labels and—ca-ching!—drink more wine than baby boomers or Gen Xers.


Coveted age group, indeed.


Of course, they’ve still got that college drinking tolerance working for them. Now, please pass the red Solo cup—and, what the heck, go ahead, fill it with wine.


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