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MyPlate Meals: 6 Heat-Busting No-Cook Summer Dinner Recipes

no cook summer dinnerNewton’s Third Law says that every action has a separate and opposite reaction. We say that you don’t have to be a physicist to know this: just consider how as summer temperatures rise, your desire to stand cooking over a hot stove decreases in equal measure.


Avoiding the kitchen during the dog days of summer is only natural, but it can also prove to be dangerous for those of us working to maintain a healthy diet. When we don’t want to cook, the lure of take out, delivery and fast food becomes all the greater. And sometimes, on really hot evenings, doesn’t it seem easier just to skip dinner entirely?


There is a better option!


We’ve got six delicious, healthy no-cook dinner recipes to help you satisfy your appetite and stay healthy. From a refreshing gazpacho loaded with shrimp and summer vegetables to an easy, tasty chicken salad sandwich, these dinners are a cinch to prepare and are perfect for balmy evenings. Which leads us yet another culinary example of Newton’s law: the less work you have to do to prepare a dinner, the more you enjoy it!




Chicken Salad Sandwiches

no cook dinner recipes

Savory chicken, a crunchy veggie or fruit, and creamy (but better-for-you) dressing come together to create the perfect chicken salad sandwich. All you need are tasty whole-grain bread, lettuce and fresh tomato slices to construct a delicious, light dinnertime dish.




Tuscan-Style Tuna Salad

no cook dinner recipes

Jazz up canned tuna with this elegant tuna-salad recipe. Good-for-you beans add creamy texture and also pack in extra protein without adding a lot of fat, calories or sodium.




Shrimp Gazpacho

no cook summer recipes

Adding shrimp transforms this classic chilled soup form a side dish into a filling main course. Try to use the freshest vegetables you can find; their flavor can’t be beat!




Shrimp and Tilapia Ceviche with Green and Red Peppers

no cook dinner

Feeling adventurous? Ceviche, a method of preparing fish that essentially “cooks” it in acids such as citrus juice, is popular throughout Latin America. One taste of this dish, and you’ll see why! Serve it with a side of brown rice for a delicious dinner.




Hummus Sammy

no cook dinner recipes

Loaded with fresh veggies and protein-rich hummus, this sandwich is both flavorful and filling. Served with a fruit salad or baked chips, it’s a feel-good meal that won’t have you feeling guilty about ice cream for dessert!




Salmon and Cucumber Mini Smorrebrod

no cook summer dinner

Smorrebrod, which is traditionally served as light meal in Scandinavia, is simply small open-faced sandwiches served with a variety of toppings. Though this recipe is proportioned to be used as a appetizer, why not increase the serving size and serve it as a light, fresh summer dinner instead? All you need is a chilled glass of lingonberry-flavored soda to feel like you’re basking in the midnight summer sun!





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