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Mediterranean Chicken: Dinner for $10

healthy chicken recipeSay the words “healthy chicken recipe,” and you’re likely to conjure a pallid boneless chicken breast sitting next to a bland heap of brown rice. Blech!


Now take a look a the picture to the left. There you have juicy, tender chicken thighs and drumsticks, sauteed until golden, sitting atop a flavorful mix of olives, tomatoes and peppers. Now that’s a healthy chicken recipe to make your mouth water.


You see, people think you’ve got to foreswear dark meat if you’re going to eat healthy, but that’s just not true (click here to find out why). And even if you’re a big fan of white meat, you’ll find cooking it with the bone in adds tremendous flavor. Each serving here contains just 8 grams of fat; it’s light in other ways as well: this Mediterranean Chicken yields 4 servings at just $2.26 per serving.



Make this Mediterranean Chicken




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