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Maximize Coupon Savings with Coupon Matching

coupons and scissorsWant to know how to stretch your coupons even further? Play the coupon matching game.


As I wrote earlier, you can save a lot more money when you coupon on store sales (meaning that you wait until an item is already on sale before using your coupon for it). But your time is valuable, too. You can spend hours sifting through clipped coupons and flyers, trying to figure out which sales to match with which coupons. Eventually, you start to feel like you’re trading minutes for cents (and sense!).


Of course, Recipe.com already makes it easier to save by showing you which items are on sale in your area for the recipes you want to make. Other websites are specifically designed to play the coupon matching game. These sites track and list sales at both regional and national chains. Through the use of reference codes, they help you quickly locate coupons to match with items already on sale.


Here’s how it works at the site CouponMom.com:


I select my state, and a list pops up of all the stores in my region. I then select my store, and a list of sale items appears. Each item is preceded by a date and an abbreviation, such as “10-02 RP.” That code tells me that a coupon for the item listed is in the Red Plum newspaper insert from October 2. Then, I can easily go to my coupon file and get the coupon!


There is one cautionary note to mention: very rarely, I have found that an item listed is not actually on sale. (Hey, everyone makes mistakes, even Coupon Mom!) So before I trek to the store, I always quickly check my store flyer to confirm that the items I want are actually on sale. (My local store flyer is always available online; yours probably is, too.)


You can also check out MyGroceryDeals.com, which lets you match sales with printable coupons.


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