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mashed potatoes (& gravy) — From a Vending Machine!

Mashed Potatoes: Food NewsPizza from a vending machine? OK, sure. Cupcakes out of a dispenser? Of course! But mashed potatoes that squirt out of a tube to be topped with a kerplop of gravy at the push of a button? Nope. Not gonna go there. Like, ever.


From the “Can This Really be Real Department?”: While you won’t likely find a mashed potato vending machine stateside, the Huffington Post reports that, yes, there are 7-Eleven stores in Singapore that feature the Maggi mashed potato machine — a mix of powdered spuds and gravy you serve yourself, Slurpee-style.


A YouTube videoo and a photo of the machine have been oozing around the Internet, and, thanks to the pics, we’re able to read the directions on the tater-dispensing machine, which include the following steps: “1. Place the cup under the nozzle. 2. Press the “Mashed Potato” button once. 3. Chicken Gravy will be dispensed after 2 seconds. 4. Enjoy your Mashed Potato!”


And all this for the low, low price of $1. Wanna add a Big Gulp? No problem! Get potatoes and a pop for just $2.


According to the blog Tecca, 7-Eleven franchises are “responsible for requesting such hardware for their specific locations. The [7-Eleven] representative wasn’t able to tell us if the company is making any kind of a push to get the instant tater hardware in more of its stores, but if it is, maybe they’d be better off waiting until Thanksgiving.”


Oh, no. Don’t even think of going there. Vending machine pumpkin pie? Perhaps. Cranberry sauce? Maybe. But turkey served Slurpee-style? Well, that, dear friends, that would be the end of civilization as we know it.




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