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Mexican Mac & Cheese: 30-Minute Meal

Cheesy Meximac RecipeLook, up on the stove! It’s a dish! It’s a meal. It’s Meximac — Cheesy Meximac, to be exact, and it really is the best twist on mac and cheese you’ll ever serve to your mac and cheese loving family.


Here’s what so great: It’s kind of an Italian recipe, with rotini (a.k.a. fusili) instead of just plain macaroni. It’s kind of zippy, with pepper jack cheese instead of the usual cheddary kind. (Hey, nothing wrong with cheddar. We’re just saying … ) And it’s really, really Mexican. Not just the cheese but with Mexican corn and chili powder, too.


Did we mention it takes a cool 21 minutes to make Cheesy Meximac — a hot dish if there ever was one?


Okay, so quick, easy, and filling. Check, check, and check. And Cheesy Meximac is not even that high in calories, especially for something that tastes so good. But what we like best about this crazy creation might be the name itself: Meximac. It sounds like a new beach resort surrounded by Mayan ruins. Or maybe a South of the Border coffee house chain. Whatever. It’s a great place for a quick and easy meal.




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