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Easy Summer Lunch for Kids: Lighthouse Sandwich

lighthouse sandwich: recipes for kidsI love the ocean. I don’t enjoy getting in it, but I do love it’s bigness, the smell, sounds, color, sea life, and especially when I come across a lighthouse! And the seafood!


I went to college right outside of Santa Cruz, CA, so I frequented the famous boardwalk there and the many beaches in the area.  One of my favorite spots was walking West Cliff Drive and standing by the lighthouse on Lighthouse Field State Beach and looking out over the water.


There’s just something about a lighthouse that resembles strength, hope, longevity, boldness, and security. Which is a perfect combination with the tranquility of the ocean.


Here’s a simple lunch in honor of lighthouses and the many lives they have saved because of their beams. It’s something for the kids to think about when they make this sandwich.



What You’ll Need:

sandwich bread
tortilla chips


To Make Lighthouse Sandwich:
Cut your sandwich into a lighthouse shape. Cut the rounded section of the crust off for the top of the lighthouse. Slice pieces of cheese for the light beams, light, and window. Put sandwich and cheese into place. Arrange tortilla chips at the base of the lighthouse to resemble rocks. Put blueberries in place for the water.




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