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Counting Carbs? Count on Dessert! 8 Fabulous Low-Carb Desserts

Remember thirty years ago when everybody decided that low-fat diets were the way to go? Except me, because I’ve never eaten anything low-fat unless it was born that way. Fruits and vegetables, yes. Low-fat cookies, pasta and desserts, no no no.


And now I’m vindicated. A few months ago, I decided to lower my carbohydrate intake to the U.S. recommended daily allowance — 300 grams a day. (It was probably double that before.) It took a little counting. I found that snacks like cheese and nuts weren’t as much fun as cookies, and I missed having as much pasta as I’d grown used to (six or seven pounds per serving). On the other hand, I learned that dinner doesn’t require a starchy side dish — why not have two or three vegetable sides instead? — and that I could still eat a nice big normal dessert every night.


That last detail was key. I’m not one of those “Hand Over the Chocolate and No One Gets Hurt” types, but I do need something sweet at the end of the day. And not something with low fat and horrible fake sugar. I mean a real dessert, with butter and cream and real sugar. Did you know that one scoop of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream has fewer carbs than one scoop of Haagen-Dazs Lowfat Frozen Vanilla Yogurt? That’s the kind of counting I like. I decided that I would allow my daily dessert to total 10 percent of my daily carbohydrate allowance, or 30 grams.


Why was I vindicated? Because while I was eating all those nice desserts, I lost nine pounds without even planning to. And the weight’s stayed off.




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