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12 Top Lasagna Recipes: From Classic to Cajun (and a Mile-High Pie!)

lasagna recipesLayer it up! Something magical happens when you combine long, thick, curly-edged lasagna noodles with layer after layer of melted cheese and a hearty sauce. And what you layer those basic ingredients with is limited only by your imagination.


Love a traditional meaty combination of Italian sausage and ground beef? We’ve got a classic recipe here that you’ll want to serve up again and again. Are you more of a vegetable lover? You won’t miss the meat when you bake our hearty mushroom lasagna or a soaring lasagna pie that is packed with veggies and is rightfully called mile-high.


And if you love the idea of lasagna but want to take a walk on the less traditional side, we’ve got a seafood version, a gooey ham-and-cheese tempter, and even a Cajun chicken recipe that combines the best of Italy and New Orleans.


Lasagna is the dish we turn to when we want to feed a crowd, but around here we make it for weeknights and nosh on the delicious leftovers for days (or freeze them for easy thaw-and-cook dinners on busy nights). If you’re a lasagna novice, check out our quick primer on how to make your first lasagna. And which lasagna will that be? Take your pick …




Classic Lasagna

lasagna recipe

Seriously, now that’s Italian! Ultra-cheesy with ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan, this traditional recipe is meaty, too, with pork sausage or ground beef, and seasoned with plenty of garlic and even fragrant fennel seeds.




Mushroom Lasagna

lasagna recipe

A lasagna made for Meatless Mondays, this one’s packed not only with mushrooms but spinach, onions and carrots — a true veggie-lover’s main dish. Using no-boil lasagna noodles saves time, too!




Meatball Lasagna

lasagna recipe

Round little meatballs make up the bottom layer of a lasagna that the kids will go nuts for but that is healthier for everybody at the table. The meatballs are made with lean ground beef, and light ricotta and goat cheese provide creamy taste without all the fat.




Flatbread Lasagna

lasagna recipe

It may look like the classic Italian dish, abundant with tomato sauce, sausage and cheese, but it has Middle Eastern flair — the layers are built on pita bread instead of pasta. It’s the best pizza-pasta hybrid around.




Ham and Cheese Lasagna

lasagna recipe

Take your ham and Swiss in a whole new way, sandwiched with veggies in a lasagna with a creamy tomato sauce and plenty of personality. Great for a family dinner when you want to use leftover ham, this lasagna sparks up pasta night.




Seafood Lasagna

lasagna recipe

As right for a special occasion as for any night when you want to treat your family extra-special, this lasagna is lush with seafood (you can use either real crab or imitation crab) and bathed in Alfredo sauce. And despite its rich profile, it’s a balanced meal, filled with broccoli and red peppers, too.




Mile-High Meatless Lasagna Pie

lasagna recipe

Standing tall (really tall!), and loaded with zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and spinach, along with aromatic herbs, this guest-worthy lasagna is as fabulous to look at as it is to bite into (and healthy to boot).




Quick Skillet Lasagna

lasagna recipe

When you crave lasagna but don’t have the time to bake the classic, this skillet version, made with mini noodles (that will fit in the average pan), store-bought sauce, sausage, Parmesan and mozzarella will have dinner on the table in 30 minutes. Substitute eggplant or spinach for the meat for a vegetarian treat.




Cajun Chicken Lasagna

lasagna recipe

Let the good times roll! Spicy andouille sausage and Cajun spices take this chicken lasagna into serious New Orleans territory. It’s not overpowering, though — balancing the red-hot flavors is a creamy Alfredo sauce.




5-Factor Lasagna

lasagna recipe

“Low-fat lasagna” is not an oxymoron! The secret to this veggie version (made with either eggplant or spinach) is in the nonfat ricotta and mozzarella that deliver all the cheesey goodness without the added calories and fat.




Butternut Squash Lasagna

lasagna recipe

How can something this meltingly rich be so good for you? The answer is the naturally sweet, full flavor of butternut squash, layered with lasagna noodles, cream and Parmesan cheese. A hint of rosemary gives it depth.




Lemon Chicken Lasagna

lasagna recipe

Chicken piccata fans, this lasagna is for you! It combines the flavors of lemon and capers (classic for a piccata) with a cheesy garlic Alfredo sauce. Sure, it looks fancy, but you can put it together in 20 minutes, then just slide it into the oven to bake for less than an hour.




La-la-lasagna makes us sing!

Explore all our our lasagna recipes!



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