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3 Things to Make With…Kielbasa

kielbasa recipesThere are a lot of sweet aromas to fill your kitchen come fall, like baked apples and pumpkin bread, but we’ve got a few savory favorites, too, and at the top of the list is the rich, smoky scent of kielbasa cooking in the skillet. It’s no surprise then that this smoked sausage is right at home in any number of comforting recipes that are sure to warm you up on those chilly autumn nights.


Since kielbasa freezes wonderfully, it’s easy to stock up and have on hand when you’re in the mood for a quick but hearty dinner. Like bacon, it packs plenty of flavor in its own right, so you hardly have to do anything to it except cook it up. Easy, inexpensive and full of flavor — what’s not to love?


1. Potato, Broccoli and Sausage Skillet

(pictured, above)

This is the quintessential classic one-pot dinner: you’ve got your meat, potatoes and veggie all in one cheesy delicious dish.




2. Garbanzo Bean Stew

kielbasa recipes

The beans get top billing here, but the kielbasa really steals the show in this slow-cooker sensation. Fill your kitchen with that delicious aroma all day long and enjoy a hearty stew come dinner.




3. Red Beans and Rice

kielbasa recipes

On their own, the beans, peppers and rice here would make a good meal — but the addition of kielbasa makes it a satisfying, full-fledged dinner.



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