Kellie Strickland

Super Kids Snack: Thor’s Hammer Bites

After-school snacks (or party snacks) have now been elevated in a powerful way! Thor is a superhero known as the warrior of thunder, lightening and strength (he’s part of The Avengers, for those of you not up on your comic book lore). He is super powerful with his mighty hammer, so these fun Thor-themed snacks are sure to be a knockout!


What You’ll Need:
sliced white cheese
pretzel sticks
purple grapes


To Make Thor’s Hammer Bites:
Lay out as many crackers are you need. Cut lightning bolts out of sliced white cheese and lay on top of crackers. Break pretzel sticks in half and then press them into the sides of grapes to create the hammers. Because the grapes may make the pretzels soft and the juice may leak onto the cheese, it’s good to assemble these snacks right before serving.




Go ahead, play with your food! Check out all of Kellie’s kid-friendly creations!



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