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Splashing Kids Snack: Bob the Banana in His Kiddie Pool

kids snack recipeThis is Bob the Banana. You may recognize him from his previous snow tubing adventure. Now it’s summer, and he’s soakin’ up the sun in his kiddie pool (with the safety of his floaties, of course!).


Take it from me: a kiddie pool can go a long way to keeping a mom sane during the summer. Overlook the grass-covered bottom of the pool, the soaked diaper (because you forgot to buy swimmers), and the streaks of sun screen on your child’s back. Pour yourself a glass of iced tea and enjoy the pure happiness this simple ankle-deep oasis brings to your little ones.


What You’ll Need:
1 slice of watermelon
1 Cheerio or other round-shaped cereal
1 pretzel stick


To Make Bob the Banana in a Kiddie Pool:
Use a glass or cup to cut two circles out of the watermelon. Use a smaller glass or cup to cut out smaller circles in each large watermelon circle. Wrap the watermelon rings in a paper towel to soak up the extra moisture. Stack rings on top of each other on a plate. Cut the banana in half and put one half inside the watermelon rings, pointed side down. Fill space around banana with blueberries. Slice a purple grape. Pat two grape slices dry with a paper towel or a napkin. (They should stick to the banana if they are dry; if not, use a dab of peanut butter to “glue” the eyes on.) Cut Cheerio in half for the smile and put in place. Cut a green grape in half for the floaties, and break pretzel stick in half for the arms. Stick one grape half on each half of the pretzel stick, and gently press each stick into the banana.




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