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Healthy Kids Snack: Tasty Little Tree

Well, if you’ve been following me here at, you know that while I’m not crazy about football season, I am crazy about fall! I love the cooler weather, the bright, crisp days, watching the squirrels in our yard looking for acorns to get them through the winter. Amazingly, one of our trees has already lost its leaves. Guess I’d better go get the rake — but not until I enjoy a nice snack!


What You’ll Need:
1 medium carrot
1 pretzel rod
dried cranberries


To Make Tasty Little Tree:
Gently break the pretzel rod in half and arrange on plate for the tree trunk. Slice carrot crosswise and use the bigger slices for the base of the leaves and the smaller ones to fill in the spaces, as shown. Place dried cranberries and pecan pieces as fillers for leaves. Use small carrot slices, dried cranberries, and pecan pieces for leaves on the bottom of the plate.




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