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Clever Kids Dessert: Foxy Pumpkin Pie

Initially, I was planning on whipping up a cute pig for this week — because we all pig out on Thanksgiving! But then I thought there’s no reason to make anyone feel guilty for enjoying the holiday. So I decided to make a fun fox out of leftover pumpkin pie. If, by chance, you still have any pumpkin pie around, this foxy dessert will be a definite hit.


What You’ll Need:
1 slice pumpkin pie
whipped topping
1 chocolate chip
2 mini chocolate chips


To Make Foxy Pumpkin Pie:
Gently spread whipped topping on either side of the pie for the white fur. Make two tiny dollops of whipped topping for the eyes. Gently press mini chocolate chips into the dollops for the pupils. Use a knife to spread whipped topping on the corners of the crust to create the ears. Gently press chocolate chip into the tip of the pie for the nose.




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