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Toothy Kids Lunch: Shark Sandwich

Sharks terrify me, but they always seem to be a hit with kids. They just love them! I don’t know why — maybe it’s their sheer strength or their massive amounts of teeth. It’s certainly not because they’re cuddly! What I do know is that I’m a few months early for “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, but I just couldn’t help making a yummy shark that you could sink your teeth into … instead of it taking a bite out of you!


What You’ll Need:
2 slices of bread
1 slice of white cheese
1 chocolate chip


To Make Shark Sandwich:
Cut the body of the shark out of the bread and make any sandwich your kids want. Use pieces of the crust for the fins. Cut a piece of the bread out for the tail. Cut the mouth out of the slice of white cheese, then cut small triangles out of the cheese to make the teeth. Put chocolate chip in place for the eye. Arrange blueberries around the shark for the water.


Cue the theme of Jaws. :)




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