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Cuddly Kids Lunch: Teddy Bear Sandwich

I’ve been under the weather this week and have been lounging around in sweats and cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket. Well, during the day at least — when my girls are at school. Don’t you know? Mom’s aren’t allowed to be sick!


With the temperatures dropping and me wanting to be cuddled myself, I was inspired to create this cuddly bear sandwich sitting in a pile of autumn leaves.


What You’ll Need:
peanut butter sandwich
1 vanilla wafer
1 raisin
mini chocolate chips
cheese crackers
S’mores Goldfish Crackers


To Make Teddy Bear Sandwich:
Use a large cup to cut a circle out of the sandwich. Use a small vitamin bottle or lid to cut out a smaller circle. Cut the small circle in half. Place the larger circle on plate, using extra peanut butter as “glue” on the bottom so the body sits upright. “Glue” small circle halves in place for the ears and the vanilla wafer for the muzzle.  Gently press two mini chocolate chips into the bread for the eyes. “Glue” on raisin for the nose. Shape remaining sandwich scraps into feet. Gently press three mini chocolate chips into the bread for the paw pads. “Glue” feet onto the sandwich. Arrange crackers around the bear for the leaves.




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